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February 9 - 13

District Office
  • Thanks to Keith Bell, Bob Blake, Rusty Butler, and Matt Phillip for assisting our bus drivers!
  • Technology Director, Nick Hansel, led training for our teachers about Ohio's new online assessments.
  • Teachers have been working very hard to prepare to administer the PARCC tests. A big "THANK YOU" goes to Mrs. Gensor for all of the work she has done organizing the logistics of testing. Another big "THANK YOU" goes to Mrs. Hilty and Mrs. Vaughn for all of their work on organizing the accommodations for students who need it. A third big "THANK YOU" goes to all of the teachers for their work in preparing students for the tests and for their understanding and willingness to have their schedules disrupted to help give our students the best chance for success on the tests.
  • Mrs. Moore-Smith and Mr. Bradley helped students with a lab exercise using an egg. Students left the egg in vinegar overnight and returned the next day to find the shell had been dissolved.
  • Mrs. Goodenberger and Mrs. Hilty are helping their students analyze emotions and motivations of main characters in a story. As always, they continue to improve students' skills in grammar.
  • Coach Dan Hilty led the Philo Girls Basketball team to a huge win over Maysville. Maysville had a 62 game regular season winning streak going until the Lady Electrics defeated them last Saturday. Kara Hutchinson made the game winning shot and then did it again against Sheridan on Wednesday. Congratulations to the Lady Electrics on a fantastic victory and good luck in the tournament.

  • We receive a Health Department inspection in which the only comments were: "This school is very clean and well maintained. Keep up the good work." Thanks
  • Mr. Lundell, Mrs. Pettit, Mr. Blake and Mr. Bell for doing a great job.
  • Ms. Brown and Mrs. Barnhart's classes celebrated the 100th day of school.
  • Teachers met to discuss policies and procedures for administering the PARCC assessments.
  • Mrs. Clayton's students were working on adding and subtracting mixed numbers and reducing to simplest form.
  • Ms. Miller's 1st and 2nd grade students continue to practice for their upcoming program.
  • Mrs. Hansel's kindergarten students were making snowmen from a bird's eye view.

  • Mr. Preston has been invited to the US Department of Education to participate in a "Principals at ED" program. Fifteen principals from across the US will be invited to participate in their 2nd cohort of principals. This is a great opportunity to showcase PJH and FLSD!!
  • A huge THANK YOU to Don Hilty, Cathy Dorman, and Eric Woodard for your help this Thursday during our NAEP testing sessions. Also, thanks go to the 90 8th Grade students who were selected. The NAEP representatives commented that our building was one of the most organized and well behaved groups they have worked with! We are very proud of how you represented our school!
  • GREAT JOB to Nick Hansel who has been keeping up with all the on-line PARCC and AIR testing requirements, training our test administrators, and making sure the devices are "ready to roll." This is a HUGE task (and a great "peace of mind" for students and staff). Your willingness to help when needed makes a BIG difference!
  • THANK YOU to Jean Lahna and Kathy McCutcheon for all the obstacles you have helped us clear as we organize and re-organize our test materials and resources. Few people understand what goes on "behind the curtain" of testing. The problems you solve for us allow our staff to provide the most positive testing experience we can for our kids. THANKS!
  • Mrs. Ingram's classes have been using a new on-line resource called "Sumdog" that allows them to play educational games in Math, Reading, and Writing to enhance their skills. It also provides reports on strengths and weaknesses and allows students to "Challenge" each other (as well as Mrs. Ingram!). The kids LOVE IT!

Ohio Appalachian Collaborative
Kindergarten Registration Announced!
Duncan Falls Elementary School and Roseville Elementary School 
  • Wednesday, March 18, 2015
  • 9:30 am to Noon,1 to 3 p.m., and 4:30 to 7p.m. 

Children who will be five years old on or before August 1, 2015, are eligible to register for kindergarten in the Franklin Local School District. Parents are to bring their child’s birth certificate, social security number, immunization records and proof of residency. If the child resides with someone other than a parent, custody papers must be brought to registration. Ohio law requires that all pupils admitted for initial entry to school present written evidence that they have received, or are in the process of receiving, the required immunizations. 

All children entering kindergarten will be required to provide evidence of having received a three-dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine. Children will also be required to have 5 DTAP and 4 Polio (this includes at least one dose past fourth birthday), 2 MMR, and 2 varicella, only if the child has not had the chickenpox disease. If you need to update your child’s immunizations, please see his/her physician or visit the Zanesville/Muskingum County Health Department.
Students should register at their attendance school during the date and times listed. If unable to register at any of these times, parents are encouraged to call the school to arrange an appointment for another date. 
  • Duncan Falls Elementary (740-674-5211)
  • Roseville Elementary (740-697-7216)
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Spring Sports - Meet the Team
Spring Sports meet the team will take place Monday, March 16th 6:30 at Philo High School.   Read More >
Franklin Local School District Accepting Nominations for Alumni and Citizen Walls of Honor

Since 2006, the Franklin Local School District has been celebrating the accomplishments of alumni and residents of our school district through our annual inductions to the Franklin Local School District Alumni and Citizen Walls of Honor.

The Franklin Local School District Alumni and Citizens Walls of Honor recognize alumni and residents of our school district who have distinguished themselves by actions, accomplishments, and deeds and have exemplified the educational and moral values most honored by the Franklin Local School District...
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Franklin Local District Spelling Bee Champion
Congratulations to our Franklin Local District Spelling Bee Champion, Holly Sealover and our Runner Up, Jarrett Reed! Both competed in the District Spelling Bee on January 13th along with District Qualifiers: Michael Allen, Darbi Henderson, Ryleigh Lawhorne, Kendall Lent, Kate Morehouse, Andrew Rush and Luc Scott. Holly will go on to compete in the Semifinal Level of Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication Regional Spelling Bee. Good luck Holly!  Read More >
January is Board Appreciation Month
We thank all of the Board members for their service to Franklin Local School District. Please send your thanks to them. Their email addresses are located here.   Read More >
Federal Court Instructs Ohio Districts to Post Information for Parents Concerning Data Release
A U.S. District Court has ordered that 2013-2014 school year records from the Ohio Department of Education’s Educational Management Information System be turned over to Disability Rights Ohio as part of an ongoing lawsuit...  Read More >
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Building an Academic Foundation for Future Success
1st and 2nd Grade Music Program and Art Show
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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