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Pupil health and safety shall be safeguarded by an organized program of school health services and by the close supervision of students in all school buildings and on all school grounds.  The program shall include:

A.        Maintenance of a safe school environment.  The building principal shall be responsible for periodically inspecting the physical condition of all buildings and grounds.

B.         Observation of safe practices on the part of school personnel and students, particularly in those areas of instruction or extracurricular activities which offer special hazards.

C.        Reasonable supervision of all classrooms, noon recess, extracur­ricular and other activities, and other facilities when scheduled for pupil use.

D.        Compliance with all immunization requirements contained in O.R.C. §3313.67.

E.         Compliance with the emergency medical authorization require­ments contained in O.R.C. §3313.712.

F.         Development of procedures for emergency situations including fire drills, rapid dismissals, and tornado drills in accor­dance with O.R.C. §3737.73.

G.        Records of monthly fire drills, rapid dismissals, and tornado drills.

H.        Posting of emergency procedures in classrooms and posting of emergency telephone numbers by each telephone.

I.          Provision of first aid facilities and materials.

J.          Offering safety education to pupils wherever germane to particular subjects such as laboratory courses in science, shop courses, and health and physical education.

K.        Screening procedures to identify pupils with vision and hearing problems and a program of health counseling, referral, and follow-up.

Each principal shall be responsible for the supervision of the safety program for his/her building, and the Superintendent or designee shall have overall responsibility for the safety program of the District.  Safety rules and regulations pertinent to the above areas, as well as other areas in which student safety requires special attention or precautions, may be developed.
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