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It is the policy of the Board of Education to provide transportation for those resident students whose distance from their assigned school in the District makes this service necessary within the limitations established by state law and the regulations of the State Board of Education.  Such laws and rules shall govern any question not covered by this policy.

School buses shall be purchased, housed, and maintained by the District for the transportation of resident students between their home areas and the schools of the District which they are assigned.  The Superintendent may substitute smaller buses for reasons of economy or efficiency of operation.

Transportation of eligible vocational or special education children between their home areas and schools outside the District shall be arranged though the use of District-owned vehicles, through cooperation with other districts, through commercial carriers, and/or by other means in the most efficient and economical manner.  An "eligible" vocational student is one who is a District resident and assigned to Philo High School.

Transportation between home area and school also will be provided for each resident child attending a state-approved, nonpublic school in accordance with O.R.C.§3327.01.

Bus routes shall be established so that an authorized bus stop is available within walking distance of the home of every resident student entitled to transportation services.

General Provisions

A.    All provisions of law, Ohio Department of Education regulations, and local Board of Education regulations pertaining to transportation shall be in effect and shall be applied uniformly to all resident pupils.

B.    All determination of distances shall be made by authorized Board of Education personnel, and such determination shall govern the application of these policies.

C.    All determinations of distance shall be by the closest dedicated route and shall be to the edge of the school lot line from the edge of the home lot line.

D.    The supervision of pupils while riding the bus is the direct responsibility of the driver.  Transportation will be denied to pupils whose conduct is such as to disturb good order and discipline.  Such pupils will be referred to the appropriate principal for such other discipline as may be deemed necessary.  The safety of all the pupils must be the primary concern in such instances.

E.    No ineligible pupil may be transported at any time without specific authorization from the Superintendent, or his/her designee.  There is no provision in law for the transportation of ineligible pupils with or without payment of fees.

F.    All exceptions will be granted for a period of one year only and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

G.    Exceptions granted by the administration will be documented in writing, including rationale for exceptions, to the Board of Education for informational purposes only.

H.    All students must ride their regularly scheduled bus to and from school unless they have a written request from their parent or legal guardian describing an emergency or unusual situation.  This note must be presented to the building principal on the morning of the request.

I.    No student can be transported outside of the attendance area for his/her school.  In an emergency situation, the student can be transported to another location in the attendance area.  The student will be dropped off at the established stop closest to the location that is desired.

School Bus Transportation Program

In accordance with the standards prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education, the Board of Education shall present a school bus riding program to all students in kindergarten through third grade who are offered bus transportation.  Students in kindergarten through third grade that transfer into the school system will also be provided bus safety instruction.  The program shall consist of instruction in bus rider behavior, school bus safety, and the potential problems and hazards associated with school bus ridership.

Updated 9/1/2009
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