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For more information about the H1N1 Flu visit these websites.


The Franklin Local School District has  a system to notify parents by telephone, e-mail messages, and text message of school emergencies, school closings, delays, early dismissals, and announcements of upcoming school and district events.  We implemented this system in order to be better able to communicate with you.  The  system is called OME-RESA's PreK-12 Notification. Parents should expect to receive both urgent and non-urgent announcements throughout the school year.

We have already created a parent account for you with your home number entered as the main contact number.  Parents have the option to enter up to three more telephone numbers or cell phone numbers, and up to four email addresses or text messages into the system.  Our call-out system has the capability to also deliver our messages to you at the additional numbers that you add to your account.  We hope that you find our use of this new system helpful as you monitor your child’s safety at school and in keeping informed about upcoming events at school.

Click here for more information and directions for using the system. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call (740) 674-5203.


Students can practice online for the upcoming OAT for grades 3-8.

Click the following link:

  • Click on either OAT or OGT
  • Click on "Practice for the Test"
  • Click on "Students Practice for the Test"
  • You can take a test without logging in or you can create an account if you wish.
  • Click on the subject, grade, year, and season by clicking through the "+" signs on the right hand side of the screen.
  • You can also print a hard copy if you don't want to take the test online.
Social Services and Agencies Resources for Parents

Muskingum county residents- click here for the link to the Muskingum County website. You will find links to the various Muskingum county agencies as well as other county information.

Perry county residents- click here for the link to the Perry County Chamber of Commerce website. You will find links to the various Perry county agencies as well as other county information.

211 of Southeastern Ohio- Dial 2-1-1 if you need help or access to human services, community service agencies, crisis hotlines, food pantries, and lots more. It is a free 24 hour service so that you get the help when you need it. Click here for more information online.

No Child Left Behind

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that schools annually notify Parents and students of their rights. The following forms can be obtained in the school office or the Board of Education:

1.       Right to Review Teachers Qualifications

2.       Right with Respect to Students Education Records

3.       Protection of Pupils Rights Amendment

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