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Transportation Department
This transportation schedule is provided to give parents and students information
about the approximate geographic area of bus travel, the bus drivers' names, and
the bus numbers for all morning trips. High school, junior high, vocational school,
and parochial students will be picked up between the hours of 6:15 AM and 7:15 AM.

School A.M. P.M.
Philo High School 7:40 2:10
Philo Junior High School 7:40 2:10
Duncan Falls Elementary School 9:00 3:30
Roseville Elementary School 9:00 3:20
Franklin Local Community School 8:00 2:00
Please call Don Beardsley for additional information @ 674-5213.

These are the most up to date transportation routes for the 2013-2014 school year. If you have any questions about what bus your child should ride, pick up/delivery times or anything else about our transportation department, please contact Don Beardsley at (740) 674-5213 during regular business hours.

Transportation Routes
All routes are subject to change.

26 Steve Bell E. Athens, James, Peggy, Elks Run, Foglesong, Hoop Pole, Goosecreek, Wentworth, Center, Thornberry St., Summit St., Watts Rd., Cannelville Rd., Rider, Spring, Elmville, Barr Dr., Back St., Webster St., Morgan Lane, S. Main, W. Athens at RMS
11 Julie Hutcheson Harlan, Old Rainer, Ceramic, Tad, RMS, Rt. 93, Zanesville Rd., Rosehill, Heckel, Baughman, Perry St., Cope St., Nelson St., Walnut St., Race St., Terrace, High St., Center St., Sheila Ln., Lambert Rd., Fultonrose Rd., TWP 1660A, Swackhammer, Cemetery St., Barker's IGA
6 Sam Work T-71A, Ransbottom, Payne, Swackhammer, Leffler, Nosetine, Parkview Dr., Zanesville Rd., Elm St., N. Main St. at Post Office, 4th St., Nelson Rd., Cope St., Ironspot, Perry St., Meadow Dr., Stine St., Potters Lane, Washington St., Cross St.
18 Tom Blum First & Main, Roseville, Cannelville Rd., Center Rd., Elmville Rd., RES, RMS, Haver Hill, Roseville Municipal Bldg., Chaney St. and Brush Creek, RMS
5 Julie Campbell Non-public & JVS, Cannelville Rd., Parkview, Zanesville Rd., Harlan, RMS, Barr Dr., St. Thomas, St. Nicholas, Old Rainer Rd., Main St., W. Athens, Terrace Ave., Washington St., Payne Rd., Cross St., TWP Rd. 71A, Village Green Dr., E. Athens, Summit St., Cemetery, Ransbottom, TWP Rd. 166, RMS, Ironspot
30 Keith Dilley Chandlersville Rd., Palmer, Timber Lake, Rowland, Brewster, Cherlick, N. Millers, Clay, Three Towers, Cronin, Sherri
28 Shaun Pletcher Okey, Claysville, Green Valley, Pine Lake, Clay, Long, Saltcreek, Red Fox, Deer Path, Chandlersville Rd., Cornerstone, Tumblin, Wolfe Run, Rabbit Run, Bickford Ln.
4 Alexis Ore Harmon, Big Muskie, Pryor, McDonald, Wonderland, Coon Ridge, Westcrest, Salt Creek, Chandlersville Rd., Sugar Grove Rd., Wion Ridge, Burnt Mill, Mill St. and North Street Intersection
9 Randy Pyle Lawhead, Arthur, Frick, Rubicon, Glenn, Holly, Marlo, Faye, South Hanna, N Lawhead, Wayne, Carroll Dr., Christy Ln., Hidden Mound, Ellerman, Remington Ridge
25 Jodi Butcher S. River, Chateau, Walter, Dietz, Paul Lane, Barn Lane, Open Enrollment, Durant Road, Wheeling,,Chandlersville Rd., Moonlight,,Clay, Sherwood, Little John, Friar Tuck, King Arthur, Nottinghamshire, Grieves, Dietz, Robinhood Lane, Richards Rd., D.F.E., Mound at Maple.
27 Beth Wilson Longshore, Chandlersville, Leslie, N. Dietz Rd., Dietz Lane, Kirk Dr., Downard Rd., Roemer, Wheeler, Maple St., Sharon Ave., Millers Lane, Creedmoor, Russell, Cornell Circle, Blalock Circle, Nancy, Hannah
19 Kevin Valentine Wilson, Pletcher Hill, Dozer, Virginia, Silvy, Back Run, Johnson Hill, Butterbean
33 Kim Warne Restless, Stovertown, Virginia, Butterbean, Duncan Run, Irish Ridge, Center Rd.
2 Tim Tysinger Clark, Fattler, Sealover, Hock & Fattler, Center to Stovertown, Old River, 5th St. Dennis Rd
16 Doug Bragg Cutler Lake, Poverty Ridge, Sugar Grove, Peterson Ln. Mannsfork
14 Marvin Stoneburner Osborn, Locust Lake, Clay Pike, Clear Lake, Chandlersville Rd., Candlestick, Carrie, Kevrob, Wayne, Breezewood, Millers, Corbin Dr., Pioneer Cr., Fulkerson, Countryside, S. Pleasant Grove
23 Mike Roberts From P.H.S. to Parochial, JVS, Cutler Lake, Poverty Ridge, Mock Dr., Sugar Grove, Peterson Ln, Mannsfork, Non-Public to Zanesville
15 John Kennedy Oak Grove, Drake-Martin, Oakland Church, Cutler, Starrett, Rural Dale, Hickory, Rockville, Buttermilk, Poverty Ridge, St. Thomas, St. Nicholas, Rosecrans, Rayner Ln, So. River Rd., Big Muskie. Raynor, Cutler Lake, Starrett, The Flats, Wion Ridge, Mannsfork, Mock, Ridgeview, Ren
21 Sally Smith Rockville, Gaysport Hill, So. River, Poverty Ridge, Pioneer, Peyton, Shaver, Bethlehem Rd., Nettie Moore Ln, East St.
12 Harold Brooks Blue Rock, Staker, Dozer, Twyman Hill, Union Hill, Old River, Pletcher Hill, Moody Hollow, Cedar Run, Shady Ln., Locksmith Dr.
10 Lisa Lamp Special Needs Route
17 Dave Abele Open enrollment stops at Kirk Drive and Creno's
26 Steve Bell Cannelville Rd., Barr, Goosecreek, Spring, Rider, E. Athens, Watts, Elks Run, East St., Headley Rd., Back St., Ogg Lane, E. Lake St. Morgan Lane, Hoop Pole Rd.
11 Julie Hutcheson Baughman, Lambert, Harlan, Sheila, Rosehill, Fultonrose, 71A, Old Rainer, Watt Hill, Heckel Dr., Parkview Dr., Zanesville Rd.,
6 Sam Work Leffler, Swankhammer, Payne, Wentworth, Roseville City, Parkview, Trout Lane, Ransbottom Rd, R.M.S., R.E.S., Nosestine, Ironspot, Zanesville Rd.
5 Julie Campbell Cannelville Rd., East St., Barr, Back, Morgan, Webster, Washington, Main St, North St, Open Enrollment Students to Roseville, Brush Creek, Chaney Street.
18 Tom Blum Wentworth, Center, Morningstar, Haver Hill, Hoop Pole, Old State, TWP 166A, Rt. 93, Ceramic, W. Athens, Chaney, Elmville, Cannelville Rd., Spring Rd., Main St., Hall St, James St., Fifth St., Spring St, Brush Creek, Buckeye St, High St, Main St, Municipal Bldg
30 Keith Dilley Chandlersville Rd., Cherlick, N. Millers, Three Towers, Clay, Brewster, Sherri Lane, Candlestick Dr., Timber Lake, Cronin
28 Shaun Pletcher Pine Knolls, Deer Path, Red Fox, Wolfe Run, Clay, Tumblin, Pine Lake, Green Valley, Bickford, Claysville Road, Chandlersville Rd, Rowland, Timber Lake, Palmer, Salt Creek, Long, Okey
4 Alexis Ore Sugar Grove, Wion, Big Muskie, Chandlersville Rd, Pryor, McDonald, Wonderland, Coon, Westcrest, Burnt Mill, Mannsfork, Peterson Ln., Main St. Duncan Falls,
9 Randy Pyle Lawhead, Rubicon, Glenn, Holly, Arthur, Frick, Carroll, Marlo, Faye, So. Hanna, Main St., Water St., Mound Rd., Christy Ln.
25 Jodi Butcher Durant, So. River, Creedmoor, Russell, Nancy, Dietz, Bam Ln, Open Enrollment, Chateau, Paul, Walter, Ellerman, Remington Ridge
27 Beth Wilson N. Dietz, Longshore, Kirk, Chandlersville Rd., Downard, Leslie, Millers Lane, Wheeler, Dietz, Roemer, Maple
23 Mike Roberts Corbin, Pioneer Circle, Chandlersville Rd, KevRob, Carrie, Grieves, Pleasant Grove, Locust Lake, Clear Lake, Fulkerson, Clay Pike, Mast, Osborn, Nottinghamshire, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Sherwood, Little John, Chandlersville Rd., Wilhelm, King Arthur, Marian Dr., Sunray, Moonlight, Robin Court
14 Marvin Stoneburner 2383 Chandlersville Rd., Wheeling, Richards, Wayne, Breezewood, Countryside, Green Hills, Millers, Clarice Dr., Hemmers Ln, Holders Ln, North St.
21 Sally Smith Gaysport Hill, So. River Rd., Old River Rd, Main St., Philo, East St., Buttermilk, Bethlehem
15 John Kennedy Rockville, Peyton, Rural Dale, Hickory, Cutler, Buttermilk, So. River, Rio Villa, Pioneer Dr., Poverty Ridge, Shaver Rd, Bethlehem
16 Doug Bragg Rural Dale, Drake-Martin, Rayner Lane, Cutler Lake, Wion, Ridgeview, Duncan Falls, Poverty Ridge, Sugar Grove, Oak Grove, Wilsonwood, Blue Rock Church Rd., Olive Ln, Oakland Church Rd., Big Muskie Dr.
12 Harold Brooks Union, Old River, Dozer, Blue Rock, Staker, Moody, Twyman, Brewer Lane PM Shuttle to Blue Rock
19 Kevin Valentine Wilson, Virginia, Silvey, Back Run, Dozer, Johnson, Pletcher, Butterbean, Front St.
33 Kim Warne Irish, Center, Stovertown, Restless, Deitrick, Sealover, Philo, Duncan Run, Virginia Ridge, Market St. Philo
2 Tim Tysinger Clapper, Clark, Fattler, Sealover Center to Stovertown, Old River, Spring St., Hock St., Third St., Fourth St., Harris, Dennis Rd.
10 Lisa Lamp Special Needs Route
Don Beardsley
Transportation Supervisor
Phone: 740-674-5213
360 Cedar Street, Duncan Falls, OH 43734
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