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Philo Junior High School    225 Market Street • PO Box 178 • Philo, OH 43771 • (740) 674-5210

Snow Make-up Days
May 22, 26, 27, 28, 29
June 1, 2, 3
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Upcoming Events 
5/13- 5/15   6th grade Camp

    Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL

    6th & 7th grade Awards Day (6th @ 8 a.m.)  (7th @ 9:15 a.m.)

    8th Grade Promotion (11 a.m.) / Dance @ PHS  7-9 p.m.

      Last Day for Students


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Principal's Pen
Award Dates
5/28   6th grade   8 a.m. in the PJH gym
5/28   7th grade  9:15 a.m  in the PJH gym
5/29   8th grade promotion @ 11 a.m. in the PJH gym
                       5/29   8th grade dance @ PHS 7-9 p.m.


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Some students in Miss Watson's 6th grade ELA classes wrote to a Holocaust survivor, Bronia Brandman. They read her firsthand account called, The Girl Who Survived. In their letters students wrote about the impact and lasting images from reading her story. The students are hoping to hear back from the author.
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8th Grade Social Studies with Mrs. Campbell
When I was a student, I hated social studies. My teachers talked at me while I took notes about things that happened before I was born. I got good grades, but I failed to see why social studies was important.

Now that I teach social studies, I strive to connect the past to the present by creating interactive lessons (a challenge with all of the current testing demands). For example, when we studied the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, we also discussed how we all experience loss and grief at some point during our lives. I described the grief cycle, and we examined Walt Whitman's famous poem, "O Captain, My Captain" which was written as a response to the loss of President Lincoln. Finally, we brainstormed a list of healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with grief and ways for students to get help if they feel overwhelmed.
I now believe social studies is absolutely vital to student education. We do not merely want reading, writing, and problem-solving robots. We want students who also understand that they are connected to a community, and their choices will either help or hurt that community. It is never too early for students to think about the impact they will have on the world.
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Mr. Shook's Physical Education classes 
Dear Community Members,
In our Physical Education classes at Philo Jr. High School, we cover a wide variety of activities. These activities include individual and team sports. Our daily routine includes stretching, running, push-ups, sit-ups and activities. We have recently finished our Speedball unit and currently we are involved in our PARCC assessments. With four weeks to go, we have much to cover before the end of the nine weeks.

With spring around the corner and summer following right behind, encourage your child or children to be active and to participate in a variety of activities. Check your local organizations and get them involved in your local leagues and school sports programs.  


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7th Grade Student of the Month

Katie Shreve  has been chosen as the 7th grade student of the month for May!  Katie has a brother, Cody, who is 14 years old.  Her favorite teacher is Mr. Michel.  Katie likes basketball, soccer, softball,  and Math is her favorite subject.  She enjoys reading any books about horses.  Katie likes to watch Grey's Anatomy on tv and her favorite movie is Fast and Furious 7.  Katie said that going to 6th grade camp was her favorite fieldtrip. She said her favorite animal is a horse,  her favorite food is pizza and her favorite color is teal.  Her favorite sports team is The Ohio State Buckeyes.  Katies' favorite place to go is Wyoming because of the mountain views, horseback riding and hiking.  Katie likes to listen to the band Justin Moore and her favorite song is Talladega by Eric Church.  Her best friends are, Mindy, Marissa, Sami, Leea and Lyndsay.  Katies’ hobbies are trail riding, basketball and just being outside.  She also would like everyone to know she likes to barrel race her horse, Sunny.  Katie has several pets which include her 2 horses, Sunny and Shady, her fair pig, Pistol, a mini donkey named Sweet Pea and she also has four goats. 

                                           Congrats to Katie!  


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8th Grade Student of the Month

Aliyah Potts has been chosen as the 8th grade student of the month for May Aliyah has several siblings that include Nick who is 18 years old, Tristen who is 16, Ty is 7 years old, Ashton is 2 and Greyson is a year old.  English/Language Arts is Aliyahs' favorite subject. and she thinks all her teachers are pretty cool.  She has enjoyed reading the If I Stay series.  Aliyah's favorite sport is volleyball.   Aliyah likes to watch Supernatural on tv and her favorite movie is Rudy.  Aliyah said that going to Washington, D.C. was her  favorite fieldtrip because it was just great.  Her favorite animal is a dolphin.  Aliyah would like everyone to know that her best friends are Alivia, Mackenzi, Josi, Delaney and Tairan, her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite color is red.   Aliyah likes to listen to the song Carry on my Wayward Son and she has two favorite bands, Sleeping with Sirens or 21 Pilot.  Aliyah chose the Ohio State as her favorite sports team.  Aliyah would also like everyone to know she really likes to go to the beach. (Who doesn't like the beach?)  Her hobby includes listening to music, reading and watching Netflix.  Aliyah also likes to take her brothers and sister to the park.  Aliyah has several pets, Bear, Bentley, Sadie and Snickers. 

Congrats to Aliyah!

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6th Grade Student of the Month

 Riley Bednarczuk has been chosen as the 6th grade student of the month for AprilRiley has a sister, Anna who is 17 years old.  Social Studies and Math are Rileys' favorite subjects.  He has two favorite teachers, Mrs. McElfresh, and Mrs. Thorne.  Rileys' favorite sport is soccer.  He has enjoyed reading the Wingfeather Saga and  Riley likes to watch Gravity Falls on tv.  Riley would like everyone to know that his best friends are Luke Rolling, Jerryn Swingle and Keegan Hood/Busse, his favorite food is lobster, and his favorite color is blue.  His favorite fieldtrip was going to the pumpkin patch.  Riley has several hobbies that include playing with his dog, playing games, and playing the saxophone.  Riley would also like everyone to know he likes to travel and his favorite place to go is Universal Studios because it is amazing.   Also Riley has several pets, Walter, Baby, Jack and Blue.

Congrats to Riley!

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