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Philo Junior High School    225 Market Street • PO Box 178 • Philo, OH 43771 • (740) 674-5210

Upcoming Events at PJHS 

12/8     Band Concert 7pm @ PHS

12/10   Choir Concert 7pm @ PHS

12/19   End of 2nd 9 weeks grading period

12/20   Winter Break Begins - School Not in Session

1/6       Classes Resume
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Principal's Pen
I can’t believe we are already in November, time flies when you having fun!!! Our 8th grade students just finished up their ACT ASPIRE testing, and now are preparing for our class trip to Washington DC. If you have a child going on the trip please be sure to refer to the DC informational packet for ideas on what to pack, departure/ pick-up times, and other useful information pertaining to our trip (if you/your child need another copy of the packet we have extras in our Office).

We received news in October that PJH was named a “High Progress School of Promise” by the Ohio Department of Education. PJH was one of 27 schools in the state to be awarded this honor. This is a MAJOR accomplishment given that there are over 3500 schools in OHIO.  In order to win this award, PJH was in the 90th percentile for student growth during the past 5 school years, met our Annual Measurable Objective goal on the State Grade Card, and met Value-Added for the past 3 years. This is the result of a lot of hard work by students, staff, and of course parents (which without your help none of this would be possible).  So I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for all their hard-work!!!

In other news, we have had some really good activities for our students to participate in throughout the past few weeks (and many will continue). We are in full swing with our 8th grade recycling project which has been carried on for the past few school years, Mr. Tom has taken the lead on this project and to date PJH has recycled over 5 tons of paper (during the last 5 school years).  We also have had several “special” days to help raise money and collect canned food items for local agencies with the goal of providing food and resources to the needy in our area.

Please make sure you check out our upcoming events above.

Thanks for your time,

Rob Preston

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To quote Mr. Preston...who took a quote from a movie:

"I don’t know how to put this BUT, WE are kind of a Big Deal!"

The Ohio Department of Education has named Philo Junior High School a
"High Progress School of Honor"!
This is based on our building's 2013-2014 Ohio School Report Card data on student reading and math performance.
The program looks at schools with 

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Mrs. Cox Music Classes
 The PJHS Music Department has been busy preparing for their upcoming concerts.   The band concert will be held in the PHS Auditeria on Monday, December 8th at 7:00PM.  The concert will include the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bands as well as the high school concert band.  The choir concert will be in the PHS Auditeria on Wednesday, December 10th at 7:00PM.  This concert will include the 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Choirs as well as the PHS Electric Company and Concert Choir.  Please come out and support our talented and hardworking musicians!

 Congratulations to the following PJHS students who participated in the District IX OMEA Honor Choir at Warren High School on November 22nd:  Grayce Brannon, Elliaunna Dingey, Rileigh Dozer,  Ashlee Fry, Mai Le, Lexee Pletcher, and Minh-Chau Scott.  These students were selected to perform with 118 students from Muskingum, Washington, Guernsey, and Noble Counties.

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Library Cards
Here at Philo Junior High School, we have the opportunity to bring the Muskingum County
Library System to students from the convenience of their iPads. Using the application
Overdrive, students can access ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music. Students must have
a library card with a PIN number from the Muskingum County Library. Library card
applications were sent home with report cards. Call me (Lindsay Rayner) at Philo Junior High School for more information about getting your student a library card.

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Mrs. Ehrick's 8th grade Language Arts

After reading Flowers for Algernon, which proved to be a favorite again this year, students used fiction literary elements to write their own personal narratives which required them to reflect on a realization they have made. The challenge was to include sensory details, figurative language and powerful word choice in order to create a voice and tone in their writing. Students rose to the challenge throughout the entire writing process. They peer-edited each other’s papers in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the details and then made revisions in order to make the papers stronger. A nice addition this year is that the narratives could be shared over the students’ Google drive accounts. I am able to grade and comment on their papers electronically for immediate feedback.
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6th Grade Student of the Month

 Emmah Stoneburner has been chosen as the 6th grade student of the month for December!  Emmah has a brother Slade who is 17 years old and a sister, Ellah who is 9years old. Math is Emmahs’ favorite subject. She has two favorite teachers, Mrs. Thorne,  and Mrs. Tignor. Emmah likes playing soccer, basketball, and softball. She has enjoyed reading the series Matched. Emmah likes to watch Girl Meets World on tv and her favorite movie is Fault in Our Stars.  Emmah said that going to the zoo was her favorite fieldtrip. Her favorite animal is a zebra. Emmah would like everyone to know that Alivia Tilton is her best friend, her favorite food is mac and cheese, and her favorite color is purple. Ohio State and the Philo Electrics are Emmahs’ favorite sports teams. Emmahs' favorite place to go is Myrtle Beach because she gets to have fun with her family. Emmah likes to listen to the band, Newsboys and her favorite song is Gods Not Dead.  Emmahs’ hobby is playing sports and she likes playing sports with her friends. Emmah would like everyone to know she has two dogs, Griffy and Votto .  Congrats to Emmah!


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7th Grade Student of the Month

Alexis Farris has been chosen as the 7th grade student of the month for December!  Alexis has two brothers, Austin who is 16 years old and Ashton is 6 yrs. old. Her favorite teachers are Mr. Woodard and Mrs. Wallace.  Alexis likes cheerleading. She has enjoyed reading  Fault in Our Stars. Alexis likes to watch Mean Girls on tv and her favorite movie is Fault in Our Stars.  Alexis said that going to 6th grade camp was her favorite fieldtrip. Her favorite animal is a owl. Alexis would like everyone to know that Avery Bankes is her best friend, her favorite food is pizza and her favorite color is mint green. The Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns are her favorite sports team. Alexis' favorite place to go is the Mall because she likes to shop. Alexis  likes to listen to Taylor Swift and her favorite song is Blank Space.  Alexis’ hobbies include shopping, cheer and archery. Alexis would like everyone to know she likes to shop and cheer. Alexis has a  pet cat.

Congrats to Alexis!


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8th Grade Student of the Month

Aaron Philip has been chosen as the 8th grade student of the month for December!  Aaron has two brothers, Andrew who is 8 years old and Adam who is 4 years old. Math and Science are Aarons’ favorite subjects. He has three favorite teachers, Mrs. Bathrick, Mr. Tom and Ms. Sason. Aarons' favorite sports are football, baseball, and track.  He has enjoyed reading the Goosebumps series. Aaron likes to watch Sports Center on tv and his favorite movie is Transformers.  Aaron said that going to Washington, D.C. was his favorite fieldtrip. His favorite animal is a horse. Aaron would like everyone to know that Caden Mummy is his best friend, his favorite food is spaghetti and his favorite color is red.  Aarons' favorite place to go is football games  Aaron likes to listen to the band, Imagine Dragons. Aarons’ other hobbies include building airplane models and playing football. He also likes to listen to the song Centuries. Aarons' favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Browns and Michigan Wolverins. Aaron has two pets, Duff and Dakota. 
Congrats to Aaron!

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