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Phone: 740-674-5210
Fax: 740-674-5217
Philo Junior High School    225 Market Street • PO Box 178 • Philo, OH 43771 • (740) 674-5210

Upcoming Events 
3rd Annual Franklin Local Feeds Families Community Event
Time is quickly approaching for the 3rd annual Franklin Local Feeds Families community project. The purpose of this event is to help replenish the food banks in our area. In order to make this a success, for the second straight year, we are asking fans that are attending the Philo vs. Maysville boys basketball game on February 20, 2015, to bring a canned or non-perishable food item for donation with their paid entry fee. During last year’s game fans from the Franklin Local and Maysville school districts donated over 1,300 food items that were distributed to food banks that serve both school districts. We are again asking for your help to help those in need. Thank you!

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Principal's Pen

   PJH Testing Calendar  

Spring 2015

2/25     6th & 7th    ELA (Unit 1)

2/26      8th             ELA (unit 1)

2/27      6th & 7th   ELA (Unit 2)

3/2     8th                ELA (unit 2)

3/3      8th               Math (unit 1&2)

3/4     6th & 7th      ELA (Unit 3)

3/5     8th               ELA (unit 3)-AM    Algebra I (unit 1)-PM (on-line)

3/6    7th                Math (unit 1)

3/9      6th              Math (unit 1)       Algebra I (unit 2)-AM (on-line)

3/10     6th & 7th   Math (unit 2)

3/11     6th             Social Studies

3/12    8th              Science


AM testing will take place from 7:45-9:30 daily

PM testing will be from Noon-1:30

Please avoid absences on testing days… also please be at school ON TIME!!!

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Mr. Rinkes Health classes 
are cruising right along in this year.  All three grade levels are discussing nutrition and fitness and quickly becoming experts in those areas.  The kids have taken on the roles of personal trainers and have designed exercise schedules and nutritional menus for a fellow student in class.  With the help of Officer Merry from the Sheriff’s department, the classes are getting some educational experiences in the field of drugs and alcohol, as well as, some lessons on the law.  Our health classes are also covering tobacco use, steroids and self esteem.  We get a weekly visit from Ms. Gray, our Guidance Counselor.  She leads us through activities in career building, leadership, internet safety, and some other very useful life-skills.  The ultimate goal for our health class this year is to achieve “wellness”, which is a healthy balance of our physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

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Mr. Lewellen's 7th grade Math 

In Mr. Lewellen's class, students are learning the Pythagorean Theorem and how it relates to real life events. Students have also been classifying triangles and are beginning the process of classifying quadrilaterals. Daily PARCC questions are being given as we close in on the first round of testing. We will soon begin reviewing concepts from the entire year so far to best prep for these assessments.

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Mr. Woodard 7th grade Math
In Mr. Woodard’s 7th Grade Math classes, the students have been working hard on the geometry standards. They have learned new vocabulary involving angle relationships that are caused when parallel lines are cut by a transversal. Also, we have examined the studies of Pythagoras by learning about the Pythagorean Theorem and several different real-life applications in which the Theorem can be used. Our focus is going to shift toward reviewing for the first part of the PARCC assessment for the next two weeks, followed by finding area, volume, and surface area of two and three-dimensional objects.
We would also like to welcome Mrs. French into our classroom for the next few months as a student teacher who is finishing up her teaching degree!
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7th Grade Student of the Month

Jordan Lent has been chosen as the 7th grade student of the month for February! Jordan has a sister, Karleigh who is 14 years old.  Her favorite teachers are Mr. Michel, Mrs. Brenning and Mrs. Scott.  Jordan  likes softball and Math is her favorite subject. She has enjoyed reading The Fault in our Stars. Jordan likes to watch Friends and GLEE on tv and her favorite movie is Tommy Boy.  Jordan said that going to see Mockingjay Part 1 was her favorite fieldtrip. She has two favorite animals, dolphins and dogs. Jordan would like everyone to know that Joey Frazier, Kayla Guerrieri, Jenna Morris and Hayley Melinda are her best friends, her favorite food is ramen noodles and her favorite color is teal. The Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Cincinnati Bengals are her favorite sports teams. Jordans' favorite place to go is Indiana to see her friends. Jordan  likes to listen to the band Skillet and her favorite song is Little Toy Guns by Carrie Underwood.  Jordans’ hobbies include nail painting and cosmetics. Jordan would like everyone to know she likes to facetime her friends and paint nails.  Jordan has two pets, Harley and Patches. 

                                           Congrats to Jordan!  


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8th Grade Student of the Month

Brady Vaughn has been chosen as the 8th grade student of the month for February!  Brady has two sisters, Josie who is 11 years old, Jadyn is also 11 years old and his brother Phillip  is 16 years old.  Math and Social Studies are Brady's favorite subjects. He has two favorite teachers, Mr. Tom and Ms. Fuller. Brady has several favorite sports that include basketball, baseball, football and archery.  He  enjoys reading anything about history. Brady likes to watch The Big Bang Theory on tv and his favorite movie is Blindside.  Brady said that going to Washington, D.C. was his favorite fieldtrip. His favorite animals are a snake and dogs.  Brady would like everyone to know that Darion, Skyler and Ben are his best friends, his favorite food is any type of meat and his favorite color is blue.  Brady's favorite place to go is New York because of the twin towers.  Brady likes to listen to the song Thats My Kind of Night by Luke Bryan. Brady chose Ohio State football and South Carolina baseball as his favorite sports teams. Brady would also like everyone to know he really likes to sleep in his free time.   Brady has three dogs, Luke, Cleo, and Brutus. 

Congrats to Brady!

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6th Grade Student of the Month

 Lydia Fink has been chosen as the 6th grade student of the month for January!  Lydia has several brothers and sisters, including,  Clair who is 14 years old, Case is 10, Cannon is 8, Ella is 16, Clara is 13 and Alaina who is 10 yrs. old.    Math is Lydias’ favorite subject. She has two favorite teachers, Mrs. Thorne, and Mrs. McElfresh.  Lydia likes playing volleyball and cheering. She has enjoyed reading The Fault in our Stars. Lydia likes to watch The Carrie Diarries on tv and her favorite movie is The Hunger Game series.  Lydia said that going to the Santa Maria was  her favorite fieldtrip. Her favorite animal is a dog. Lydia would like everyone to know that Claire Fink and Maddie Ross are her best friends, her favorite food is tacos, and her favorite color is blue. Ohio State and the Pittsburg Steelers are Lydias’ favorite sports teams. Lydias' favorite place to go is North Carolina, The Outer Banks, because she loves the beach. Lydia likes to listen to the band, Foster the People and her favorite song is Best Friend.  Lydias’ hobbies are knitting and playing the guitar. Lydia would like everyone to know she has a new Laborador puppy named Griffy.  

Congrats to Lydia!

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Progress Book - Parent Access
Parent Access to Progress Book has changed. Old login information from prior years no longer works. Parents and Students will now be able to create and manage their own accounts with a Registration Key.  You should have received the Registration Keys by now, if you haven't please call 674-5203 to request one. 
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